Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a plant-based birthday menu

Tomorrow, this guy

turns three. In the past, planning the kids birthday menu was simple as they usually requested mac n cheese or pizza. And rocky road cheesecake was the front-runner dessert of choice. Alas, all three don't make the list, at least, not in their former dairy-laden form.
bye-bye dairy-laden desserts

So what's a mom to do when planning a birthday menu which must meet three very important criteria (apart from it being entirely plant-based and also nut, avocado, oil and coconut-free for my Dad):
1. Easy to prepare
2. Easy on the budget - since we'll be gathering as a larger family
3. Birthday child approved

The answer: pasta and salad night

Here's what I'm planning on serving:
  • 100% whole wheat pasta (this kind from Hodgson Mill...it cooks even faster than regular whole wheat pasta)
  • homemade pasta sauce 
  • "meat" balls
  • big, green salad with a selection of salad dressings
  • peach melba cake

Here's what I'm hoping to serve if I have time to prepare them:
  • 100% whole wheat bread sticks
  • "ice cream" using frozen bananas

I'll post all the recipes I used soon. Stay tuned...

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