Monday, July 7, 2014

favorite asian inspired salad


Ever since I discovered the Thai-style peanut dressing and then modified it to this, I've been pouring it over a salad of sturdy veggies from the brassica family.

At it's most basic (and when I'm in a hurry and running low on ingredients), I tear up kale, dice rutabaga, toss it all in a bowl and garnish it with the thai dressing and sunflower seeds. If I have cabbage, cauliflower and leftover pasta (I use Trader Joe's brown rice fusili pasta) and sweet potato fries in they go too. Carrots occasionally will also make an appearance.

Since this salad has been a hit with many people and it's one I rarely go a week without preparing, I had to share. Feel free to adjust to your won favorite combo of veggies, though I'm not sure lettuce and it's cousins would work too well, though romaine might hold up okay.

In the recipe picture, the combination features kale, cabbage, carrots, a bit of onion, brown rice fusili and sunflower seeds along with the dressing. The recipe reflects how I would prepare it for guests and I've added other suggestions for mix-ins or mixing it up.

Asian Inspired Salad (recipe notes follow)
candida diet friendly*, dairy free gluten free, oil free, paleo friendly*, peanut free, refined sugar soy free, sugar free, vegan

kale, destemmed, roughly chopped
red or green cabbage, roughly sliced or shredded
carrots,*peeled into strips or shredded
green onions, finely sliced
sunflower seeds

Additional mix-in/combination options:
cauliflower, roughly chopped
sweet potato fries*, diced
rutabaga, diced
raw brussel sprouts, finely sliced or shredded
brown rice pasta*
red pepper, finely sliced

Prepare all veggies and mix together in a large bowl. Prepare the dressing (recipe here). If making for guests, prepare the basic recipe and provide additional mix-ins for each guest to customize their own salad.

recipe notes: omit these options for the strict portion of the candida diet and/or for a paleo-friendly salad

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