Saturday, June 23, 2012

trial and error: sprouting chick peas

After 30+ years of growing up with and cooking a standard American diet, I'm now challenged to learn how to cook in a whole new way using only plant-based sources (& no oil!).

This mean a lot of trial and error.

So I thought would be valuable to record here to hopefully save some of you the same mistakes I've made.

First up: sprouting chick peas

Going "raw" is a recent food trend. In doing some research on it, I can see why it's appealing if you're looking to feed your body with the healthiest, most nutrient dense foods that God has given us. Which I am. But I'll leave the benefits of raw eating for another blog post or several.

One of the raw foods techniques is to sprout seeds and grains. It seemed easy as that's required is organic seed/beans/grains, a jar, cheesecloth, elastic band and water.

I decided to start with chick peas so I could make "raw" hummus.

The sprouting process when well and was super simple. It was even fun to see the chick peas begin to sprout.

But then I tried one. It was gross.

Maybe gross is too strong of a word. Actually it tasted similar to a raw green pea (which I like), so maybe the problem was that it tasted very different from a cooked chick pea.

I ended up pitching the batch. I highly doubted anyone in my family would enjoy eating them, even knowing they would be super healthy. Because I've yet to get my children to eat anything solely on the basis that it's good for them.

If I ever do, I'll write a book and tell you my secret.

Until then I'll just try to keep our contributions to the garbage and compost pile to a minimum.

By the by...if you do know of a tasty recipe requiring sprouted chick peas, I'm all ears.

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