Tuesday, March 19, 2013

snack happy: raw apple crisp

Last week, I shared this recipe on raw granola.

It's the foundation for several recipes I'll share over the next couple of weeks. Recipes designed to help fight the temptation to reach for something sugary and to fill you up with whole food, God-given goodness.

First up: an apple crisp makeover.

As desserts go, traditional apple crisp is on the healthier end of the scale. After all, it's chock full of the fruit that claims to keep the doctor away. However, the topping, and sometimes the filling, contains a lot of sugar.

In this raw version, the raw granola mimics the flavors and sweetness of the crisp topping and the cinnamon and raisins in the filling add extra zing and sweetness. It's so good, I've started eating it at breakfast.As a snack, it's filling and sweet-tooth satisfying - crunching your way through all that apply goodness should convince your brain and belly that you've had plenty to eat. 

Hungry? Here's the recipe for a single serving but it's easily doubled, tripled, quadrupled...

Raw Apple Crisp
1 apple(your favorite variety)
1-2 heaping spoonfuls raw granola (recipe here)
cinnamon to taste
raisins (optional)

Roughly dice apple and sprinkle with cinnamon. Add raisins to taste and spoon on the raw granola.

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